The Story Behind MyIslam

Every time reports emerge of an attack or active shooting, I—along with what I’m certain are hundreds and thousands of other Muslims—anxiously wait for details of the perpetrator’s identity to be released, silently hoping the attacker isn’t Muslim. When the assailant is Muslim, we are held collectively accountable and called upon to apologize for acts we didn’t condone and had no part in orchestrating. After each attack, the same question is repeated: “Why aren’t Muslims condemning and apologizing for these heinous attacks?” We are! We shouldn’t have to, but we continue to do so. Muslims worldwide have condemned terrorism and spoken out against every attack. Even more, Muslims are the most horrified, disgusted and angered by these atrocities. Killing innocent civilians is among the gravest sins, desecrates our religion and has no place in Islam. This is where MyIslam comes in! 

The idea to create MyIslam came to me over a year ago while reading The Great Theft: Wrestling Islam from the Extremists by Khaled Aboul Fadl. In the book, Fadl stresses that Muslims must declare a counter-jihad against extremists. Not in the form of violence, but through intellectual activism. Fadl highlights two obligations incumbent on Muslims to save the soul and reputation of Islam: 

1) Became as educated as possible on Islam to attain the legitimate power to define the faith

2) Take on the position of defensive jihad to protect Islam from the onslaught of perverted interpretations and disinformation extremists have generated

MyIslam was created with the intent to achieve the first obligation in an effort to successfully tackle the second!