Many have defined countless labels and used varying terminology to describe extremists and non-extremists, including, on the one hand, puritans, fundamentalists, militants, radicals, fanatics, Islamists, and, on the opposite end, moderates, reformers and progressives. For MyIslam's purposes, only two labels will be used: Muslims and extremists. The only other label that will likely make an appearance is Salafi-jihadist or Salafi-jihadism, an extremist ideology.

The purpose is to not overcomplicate labels. MyIslam is aware of the nuances, purposes, characteristics and flaws of each term. However, it is important to keep things simple and not get caught up in defining labels. The primary mission is to debunk extremists' interpretation of Islam and portray the mainstream application of the faith in the way that the overwhelming majority of Muslims practice it—hence the two labels. Whether non-extremist Muslims are conservative, moderate or liberal in their interpretation and application of Islam, typically all will disagree with extremists' use of violence. On the other end, whether individuals are, for instance, anti-Islamic State or anti al Qaeda, or both, but still believe in exercsing unwarranted violence in Islam, they are considered extremists.