The MyIslam Project is an initiative that aims to counter extremist propaganda with a more accurate interpretation of Islam. There is an overwhelming amount of jihadist literature available, both on the internet and in print, and nowhere near enough content to counter it. Enter MyIslam! 

The purpose of MyIslam is to provide readers with a concise, comprehensible understanding of the otherwise dense and arduous task of translation, interpretation and jurisprudence. Understanding religion can be complicated and we've made it our priority to keep things simple, clear and concise: Islam simplified. The project employs the very same religious texts and resources extremist groups have weaponized and distorted to provide theological justification for their ideology and actions—the Qur’an, Hadith and the Internet—against them. To do this, MyIslam relies on the works and interpretations of, and consults with, reliable and renowned Islamic scholars and jurists. 

For those of you who choose to discount this website and its material because of your hatred for, or misunderstanding of, Islam, this project was made specifically with you in mind...so keep reading. MyIslam is not asking its readers to fall in love with or accept Islam (although that would be awesome), the goal is to provide readers with a simple and easily accessible understanding of Islamic concepts and practices that the media has grossly misrepresented and extremist groups have distorted.

MyIslam aims to help readers understand how groups like the Islamic State and al Qaeda religiously justify the acts they conduct and how their interpretation is far removed from the truth and the true nature of Islam. MyIslam not only pokes holes in extremists' violent ideology but explains, verse by verse, how they've shrewdly perverted Qur'anic scripture. Why? Because a fundamental principle of understanding the Qu'ran is that the verses must be understood in the context under which they were revealed. 

What's With the Name MyIslam?

For millions of Muslims like myself, we believe extremists and the media have hijacked Islam from us. We no longer feel that we define Islam to the public. MyIslam was created for this reason: to represent our Islam, the real Islamthat we observe daily. The "my" in MyIslam does not refer to my interpretation of Islam, but represents how the majority of Muslims collectively view and/or practice their faith: peacefully. MyIslam is, therefore, a representation of many Muslims' desire to express and define their Islam.